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Let us install your new floors, baseboards, door casings, custom made transitions, shoe moldings around the cabinets on the floor and custom made floor vents made from your flooring.

There is no shortage of reality TV shows focused on home improvement. With this inundation of homeowners tackling DIY projects, it’s easy to think that as long as someone has a tape measure and hammer in the kitchen junk drawer, installing flooring would be a breeze. Reality TV might make DIY projects look easy, but the true reality is flooring installation is a craft that takes years of training to perfect. Let’s take a look at some of the major benefits of hiring a pro.

The right wood floor for your lifestyle: Floors add natural beauty and timeless style to any décor. Whether your home is traditional or contemporary, floors offer endless design possibilities and make it easy to fit your home’s needs and personal style. Choices abound, including a variety of species, cuts, colors, and finishes. Working with a flooring professional makes the selection process much simpler. A professional will listen to what you like and how you expect to use your floor, then guide you toward the most suitable floor for your lifestyle.

The right skills and tools: A successful installation is reliant on several factors, including having the proper tools on hand. For example, if the subfloor isn’t prepared properly, it could lead to issues like squeaking. Flooring needs to be properly acclimated before installation, otherwise, it may expand or shrink later causing damage to the floor. Having an uneven floor or a room that’s not rectangular can add further difficulty to the installation process. These factors are often underestimated by DIYers in their excitement to get the work started. A flooring professional has the expertise to navigate all of these factors and the specific tools required to install flooring with extreme precision.

Tool safety is another important consideration. Inexperienced DIYers don’t just risk doing a bad job on their floors, they can also risk serious injury. Flooring professionals are trained to safely use the various tools needed to do the job right.

Save time and money: If you’re inexperienced, you’ll take much longer installing your floor than a professional. This extra time, and the disruption an ongoing project will cause in your home, are important factors to consider. A professional will know just how long the work will take and will provide a detailed schedule of the process, so you can adequately prepare for the project and its impact on your home. During the installation process, you will also need the right tools. If you do not already own these, you will need to rent or buy them adding additional expense to your project.

When you replace a floor in your home, it’s your responsibility to dispose of the old flooring material. You’re unlikely to have space in your trash cans after a major flooring job and dumping fees at a landfill can be expensive. Plus, if you don’t own a pickup truck or a trailer, transporting the old flooring to the landfill may also be challenging. A flooring professional will not only install a high-quality floor, but will also dispose of your old floor and waste materials with ease, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Industry standards and training: Our installers and specialists have over 50 years of industry experience combined and our installers periodically get training on new methods and tips of installation.