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One of the many benefits of wood flooring is that it can be refinished numerous times throughout its service life. In fact, it is not uncommon to refinish a wood floor that is several centuries old. The beauty of wood is that it is not disposable like other floor coverings.

Many experts say that there are enough wood floors already in existence to keep sand and finishers busy for decades to come. The fact is, sand and finishers are in great demand today — both to refinish those existing floors and to sand and finish the millions of square feet of new wood flooring being installed each year.
Floor sanding is an art. The artistry and skill in sanding a wood floor cannot be taught through a technical publication, nor can it be taught by simply showing someone how to use a piece of equipment. Sanding and finishing a wood floor is an art and a skill that comes with understanding the many complexities involved in the entire process. A properly sanded wood floor will dictate the performance of the finish and the longevity of the wood floor. Likewise, an improperly sanded wood floor can ruin the most beautiful installation.