Our  reclaimed teak is FSC Recycled 100% which is clean, formaldehyde-free with VOC-free finishes, both in the production and installation process. The FSC holds its reputation as the most credible forest certification as to ensure the grade and authenticity of production.

Reclaimed Teak is available in variations of rich colors and emits a homey, almost leather-like scent. Unlike most woods, reclaimed Teak holds high levels of resinous oils which keeps it from shrinking, swelling, or warping. As you can see, this wood has a reputation of extravagance because it was created to withstand the test of time, without losing its luster because recycled historic reclaimed Teak has a unique and luxurious grain patter and size that is incomparable to farmed Teak. (Please click on the images to take a look at the colors.)