Who We Are

There are certain necessary ingredients in the recipe for excellence, regardless of the industry. Experience, dedication, a strong work ethic, commitment to the customer, an eye for detail, creativity, a positive personality, or strong leadership can all contribute to success.

Most companies can claim a few of these, but having all of them in one place – as Yusuf Gorgec does in Olive Tree Flooring – is rare indeed.

It’s no wonder that this Burnaby-based company has already created an incredible reputation for itself.

Gorgec founded Olive Tree Flooring in early 2018, with an extensive showroom and warehouse, and a team of highly experienced installers ¬and his own extensive hands-on experience in both sales and installation.

“This is my first showroom, but I’m not new to the industry,” he said. “I have a really different mix of experience to bring to this.”

Earlier in his career, he served as the long-time sales manager for a major Canadian company, an experience that gave him experiencing in not just sales but also in managing people; in 2006, he moved into hardwood flooring installation, which he then did for a decade.